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How to Care for a Tall and Skinny Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Dubai?

Updated: May 18

The fiddle leaf fig, with its majestic stature and glossy leaves, is a popular choice for homes in Dubai. But what happens when your once-proud fig starts to stretch and become "leggy," looking more like a beanpole than a lush tree? Fear not, fellow plant parents! This is a common issue, and with a few adjustments to your care routine, you can get your fiddle leaf fig back on track to leafy glory.

fiddle leaf fig tall and skinny in dubai

Dubai's Sunshine: A Blessing and a Curse

Dubai's abundant sunshine might seem like a plant paradise, but for fiddle leaf figs, it can be a bit of a double-edged sword. While they do need bright, indirect sunlight, harsh direct sun can scorch the leaves and fiddle leaf fig tall and skinny in Dubai as the plant reaches for more light. This is because the plant stretches its stems in a desperate attempt to capture enough sunlight for photosynthesis.

Sun Strategies for a Thriving Fig:

Here's how to adjust your fig's sun exposure and combat leggy growth:

  • Relocate your fig: Move it away from south-facing windows, which receive the most intense sunlight in Dubai. Opt for east or west-facing windows instead, where the light is less intense and more diffused.

  • Diffuse the light: If your fig is near a south-facing window and relocation isn't possible, consider using sheer curtains to filter the sunlight and prevent scorching.

  • Rotate your plant regularly: This ensures even growth on all sides and prevents it from leaning towards a single light source, which can contribute to a leggy appearance.

Pruning for a Fuller Future:

Pruning isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategic technique to encourage bushier growth in your fiddle leaf fig. Identify the longest, least branched stems that contribute to the leggy look. Using sharp, sterilized pruning shears, cut them back just above a node (the bump where a new leaf or branch will grow). This will stimulate the plant to send out new shoots at the cut point, creating a fuller, bushier appearance overall.

Support Systems for a Stable Fig:

Sometimes, a leggy fig might need some extra support, especially if the stems are too weak to hold themselves upright. You can use a moss pole or a stake to gently guide the stem upwards. Remember, don't force the stem into an unnatural position, as this can damage the plant. The support should act as a gentle guide, not a restrictive cage.

By understanding the reasons behind leggy growth and implementing these tips, you can help your fiddle leaf fig overcome its lanky phase and thrive in the sunny climes of indoor plants in Dubai. Remember, with a little TLC, the right adjustments to light, pruning, and support, you can cultivate a healthy, lush fiddle leaf fig that will add a touch of tropical elegance to your home.

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