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The Most Expensive Indoor Plants in Dubai

Updated: May 18


In the wealthy city of Dubai, where luxury knows no bounds, even indoor plants can command extravagant prices. From rare specimens to exotic imports, explore the world of high-end greenery that adorns Dubai's most exclusive homes and spaces.


orchid indoor plant

Renowned for their exquisite beauty and diversity, orchids are among Dubai's most expensive indoor plants in Dubai. Rare varieties such as the Rothschild's slipper orchid or the elusive Shenzhen Nongke orchid can fetch astronomical prices, coveted by collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Bonsai Trees:

bonsai tree indoor plant

Prized for their meticulous craftsmanship and age-old tradition, bonsai trees symbolize elegance and refinement in Dubai. Specimens meticulously trained and shaped over decades command premium prices, with some rare specimens reaching six or even seven figures.

Variegated Monstera:

variegated monstera indoor plant

With its striking foliage adorned with splashes of white or cream, the variegated monstera is a coveted plant among Dubai's elite. Rare and hard to come by, these stunning specimens can fetch thousands of dollars, adding a touch of tropical splendor to luxury interiors.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees:

fiddle leaf fig tree indoor plant

Famous for their large, glossy leaves and sculptural form, fiddle-leaf fig trees are a staple in upscale Dubai homes and offices. Varieties with exceptionally large or variegated leaves command higher prices, with specimens sourced from renowned growers fetching top dollar.


anthurium indoor plant

Known for their vibrant, heart-shaped blooms and glossy foliage, anthuriums are prized for their exotic beauty and longevity. Rare cultivars with unusual flower colors or patterns can fetch premium prices, making them a sought-after addition to luxury indoor gardens.


cycads indoor plants

Cycads, often called "living fossils," are ancient plants prized for their unique appearance and resilience. Rare and slow-growing species, such as the Encephalartos woodii, are highly coveted by plant collectors in Dubai, commanding staggering prices on the market.


In Dubai's world of extravagance and luxury, indoor plants are no exception. From rare orchids to meticulously trained bonsai trees, Dubai's most expensive indoor plants represent the pinnacle of botanical beauty and sophistication, adorning the homes and spaces of the city's elite with unparalleled elegance and luxury.

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