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Why Fiddle Leaf Fig Is not Growing in Dubai

Updated: May 18

The fiddle leaf fig, with its striking foliage and statuesque presence, is a popular choice for homes in Dubai. However, even the most dedicated plant parent can encounter challenges in this unique climate. If your fiddle leaf fig not growing in dubai, don't despair! Here are some common reasons why your fiddle leaf fig might be struggling in Dubai, along with solutions to get it back on track:

fiddle leaf fig not growing in dubai

Sun Blues:

  • Too much sun: While fiddle leaf figs enjoy bright, indirect sunlight, Dubai's intense rays can be harsh. South-facing windows can be especially problematic, leading to scorched leaves and stunted growth.


  • Relocate your fig: Move it to a north or east-facing window where the light is less intense. If south-facing is your only option, filter the light with sheer curtains and rotate your plant regularly to ensure even growth and prevent leaning towards the light source.

Watering Woes:

  • Underwatering and Overwatering: Striking the right watering balance is crucial in Dubai's climate. Underwatering can lead to wilting, yellowing leaves, and stunted growth, while overwatering can cause root rot, a potentially fatal condition.


  • Develop a watering routine: Instead of relying on a schedule, check the soil moisture regularly by sticking your finger into the soil up to the first knuckle. Water thoroughly when the top inch of soil feels dry, allowing excess water to drain freely from the pot. Discard any drainage water to prevent waterlogging. Adjust the frequency based on the season and your specific plant's needs.

Humidity Hang-Ups:

  • Dry air: Dubai's dry climate can be challenging for humidity-loving fiddle leaf figs. Dry air can lead to brown leaf tips, crispy edges, and stunted growth.


fiddle leaf fig not growing in dubai

  • Increase humidity: Group your fig with other plants to create a microclimate, or use a humidifier near the plant. Regularly mist the leaves with a spray bottle filled with filtered or distilled water, especially during dry periods. However, avoid overdoing it as excessive moisture can encourage fungal diseases.

Nutrient Deficiencies:

  • Lack of nutrients: Over time, essential nutrients in your potting mix can become depleted, leading to slow growth and pale leaves.


  • Fertilize regularly: During the growing season (spring and summer), use a balanced fertilizer formulated for fiddle leaf figs, following the instructions on the label.

Other Potential Culprits:

  • Pests and diseases: While less common, keep an eye out for signs of pests like mealybugs or spider mites. Address any pest or disease issues promptly to prevent further damage.

  • Repotting needs: As your fiddle leaf fig grows, it may require repotting every 1-2 years into a slightly larger pot with fresh potting mix.

By understanding these potential challenges and implementing the right solutions, you can help your fiddle leaf fig overcome its growth slump and thrive in the vibrant city of Dubai. Remember, with a little patience, TLC, and adjustments to your care routine, you can transform your frustrated fig into a flourishing houseplant that adds a touch of tropical elegance to your home.

Additionally, consider these tips for long-term success:

  • Clean the leaves regularly: Dust buildup can hinder photosynthesis. Wipe the leaves gently with a damp cloth to remove dust and improve light absorption.

  • Provide support: If your fig becomes top-heavy, use a moss pole or stake to gently guide the stem upwards.

  • Enjoy the journey: Caring for a fiddle leaf fig is a learning experience. Don't be discouraged by setbacks. Observe your indoor plant in dubai, adjust your care routine as needed, and celebrate its growth and progress.

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