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How to Care for Zeylanica Snake Plant in Dubai's Climate

Updated: May 31


Finding solace in nature can be challenging in the bustling city of Dubai, where modernity meets tradition and skyscrapers pierce the sky. However, one plant stands out amidst the urban landscape for its resilience, elegance, and air-purifying qualities—the Zeylanica Snake Plant. Also known as Sansevieria Zeylanica, this versatile plant has become a favorite among residents and plant enthusiasts alike. Let's delve deeper into why the Zeylanica Snake Plant is gaining popularity in Dubai and how to incorporate it into your indoor plants in Dubai Oasis.

Zeylanica Snake Plant indoor

The Charm of Zeylanica Snake Plant in Dubai:

The Zeylanica Snake Plant is prized for its striking appearance and low-maintenance nature, making it an ideal choice for urban dwellers in Dubai. With its tall, sword-shaped leaves featuring attractive green stripes, this plant adds a touch of sophistication to any indoor space. Whether in a sleek, modern apartment or a traditional villa, the Zeylanica Snake Plant enhances the ambiance with its timeless elegance.

Thriving Zeylanica Snake Plant Indoors in Dubai:

Dubai's climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters, aligns perfectly with the preferences of the Zeylanica Snake Plant. These plants thrive in warm, tropical conditions and are well-suited to the controlled environments of indoor spaces. Whether placed in living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, the Zeylanica Snake Plant adapts effortlessly to various light and humidity levels, making it a versatile choice for indoor greening.

Air-Purifying Properties:

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Zeylanica Snake Plant offers practical benefits by improving indoor air quality. Like other members of the Sansevieria family, it is renowned for removing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the air, making it particularly valuable in urban environments like Dubai, where air pollution can be a concern. Incorporating Zeylanica Snake Plants into indoor spaces can create a healthier and more enjoyable living environment for residents.

Zeylanica Snake Plant indoor

Low Maintenance Requirements:

One critical reason for the growing popularity of the Zeylanica Snake Plant in Dubai is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike many other ornamental plants that demand frequent watering and care, this species thrives on neglect. Dubai's busy residents appreciate the plant's ability to survive with minimal attention, making it an ideal choice for those with hectic lifestyles.

How to care for a zeylanica snake plant?

Caring for a Zeylanica Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata 'Zeylanica') is relatively easy, as these plants are known for their resilience and ability to thrive in various conditions. Here are some essential care tips to keep your Zeylanica Snake Plant healthy and thriving:

  1. Light: Zeylanica Snake Plants prefer bright, indirect light but can also tolerate low light conditions. Place them near a window where they can receive filtered sunlight, but avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch their leaves.

  2. Watering: Snake Plants are drought-tolerant and prefer to dry out between waterings. Water your Zeylanica sparingly, allowing the top inch or two of soil to dry out completely before watering again. It's better to underwater than overwater, as excessive moisture can lead to root rot.

  3. Soil: Use a well-draining potting mix formulated for succulents or cacti. A mix containing perlite or sand will help prevent waterlogging and promote healthy root growth.

  4. Temperature: Zeylanica Snake Plants prefer average to warm temperatures and can tolerate a wide range. Ideally, keep indoor temperatures between 60-85°F (15-29°C). Avoid placing the plant near drafty windows or heating vents.

  5. Humidity: Snake Plants are adaptable to various humidity levels and can thrive in average indoor humidity. They do not require misting or additional humidity, making them suitable for most indoor environments.

  6. Fertilization: Fertilize your Zeylanica Snake Plant sparingly during the growing season (spring and summer). Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half strength and apply every 4-6 weeks. Avoid fertilizing during the dormant winter months.

  7. Repotting: Snake Plants are slow-growing and can remain in the same pot for several years. Repot only when the plant has outgrown its current container or if the soil has become compacted. Use a slightly larger pot with fresh potting mix.

  8. Pests and Diseases: Zeylanica Snake Plants are relatively resistant to pests and diseases, but they can occasionally attract spider mites or mealybugs. Inspect your plant regularly for signs of pests, and treat with insecticidal soap or neem oil if necessary.

  9. Pruning: Remove any dead or yellowing leaves to maintain the plant's appearance and promote new growth. Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to avoid damaging the plant.

By following these care tips, you can enjoy a healthy and thriving Zeylanica Snake Plant in your home or office for years to come. With minimal maintenance and attention, these resilient plants will add beauty and greenery to any indoor space.

zeylanica snake plant


In Dubai's fast-paced urban environment, the Zeylanica Snake Plant offers a welcome respite, bringing a touch of nature into homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Its resilience, elegance, and air-purifying properties make it a beloved choice for indoor greening, enriching the city's vibrant landscape with its timeless beauty. As Dubai continues to embrace sustainable living and green initiatives, the Zeylanica Snake Plant stands as a symbol of harmony between urban life and the natural world, providing residents with a green oasis amidst the desert metropolis.

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